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The Devil walks into a crowded bar. When the people see who it is,they all run out except this one old man. So the devil walks up to him and says` Do you know who I am?` and the old man sips his beer and answers `yep`. The Devil says `Well, why aren`t you afraid of me?` The old man looks over and says` I`ve been married to your sister for 27 years, why the hell should I be scared of you.`

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Joke for 2018-06-24

A wife asked her husband if he is planning to do anything for their annivarsary. The husband looks at her and replies `Where we are from we don`t cellabrate mistakes.`

Joke for 2018-06-23

Q: How do you stop a lawyer from drowning? A: Shoot him before he hits the water.

Joke for 2018-06-22

What do you call a lawyer who doesn`t know the law? A judge.