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What do Microsoft and a halter top have in common? Both offer very little support!

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Joke for 2018-11-17

What do you get when you mix Rogaine and Viagra? Hair that stands straight up on your head!

Joke for 2018-11-16

Steve, Bob, and Jeff were working on a very high scaffolding. Suddenly, Steve falls 50 feet to the ground below and he is killed instantly.After the coroner leaves with Steve`s body, Bob volunteers to inform Steve`s wife of the terrible news. Some two hours later, Bob returns to the work site with a six-pack of beer under his arms.`Say, Bob, where did you get the six-pack?`Steve`s wife gave it to me!`What! You just told her that Steve died and she gave you a six-pack?`Well, before I broke the news to her, I asked her if she was Steve`s widow. And, she said she wasn`t, so I said I`d bet her a six-pack she was!`

Joke for 2018-11-15

A woman goes over to her married son`s house and walks in to find her daughter-in-law sitting in a chair, entirely nude. The mother-in-law says, "What the hell are you doing?" "I`m wearing my love dress," responds the daughter-in-law, "We haven`t made love in a long time."So the mother-in-law says, "Hm, maybe I should try that." She goes home to find her husband is not in, so she gets undressed. Two hours go by and finally she hears her husband`s car. He walks in the front door and says, "What the fuck are you doing?" "I`m wearing my love dress," says the wife. "Well," responds the husband, "it needs to be ironed."